Additional general terms and conditions
Please note our additional general terms and conditions regarding subscription:All prices are per bottle, including 19% VAT, are delivered free within Germany from a invoice value of 150 EUR and are payable net without any discount within 14 days of receipt of the subscription invoice.

Delivery after release by the producer.The current VAT rate of 19% is charged, subject to the relevant tax rate at the time of the delivery. The offer offer remains subject to change without notice. Our current general terms and conditions apply.

Please note the units used:

12 x 0.75 = an original cardboard case or original wooden box!
1 x 0.75 = available individually!

Multiple units available for both options!

If ordering under 12 bottles per type of wine, the purchaser does not have a claim to have the bottles delivered in the original wooden box.It is best to order any special sizes, such as 0.375, 1.50, 3.00 and 6.00 litres, which are subject to a surplus charge, at the same time.

Please note our additional general terms and conditions regarding subscription!


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